Chameleon Women

A Facebook group for Autistic Women 

Partners of Chameleons

A Facebook group for partners of autistic women

Chameleon Family, Friends and Colleagues

A Facebook group for Family, Friends and Colleagues



We are growing our network please feel free to join one of our social media groups, or like our Facebook page 


All of our facebook groups are closed and no posts are visible outside of the group. This is so that you feel confident to talk about experiences and struggles without interference from anybody unwanted. We want you to feel that this a safe and comfortable environment to communicate. 

Chameleon women: this group is for women who are, or believe they are autistic

Partners of Chameleons: For partners of women that are on, or believe they are on the spectrum

Chameleon Family, Friends and colleagues: For anybody that has regular contact with women on, or believe they are on the spectrum